More songs by Massive Attack:

Small Time Shot Away
Special Cases
Heat Miser
Inertia Creeps

Massive Attack has been a mainstay band in my music collection for many years. I wanted to add one of their songs here as I believe they still remain a lesser known band among most North Americans. This song of theirs is one that I find enchanting in the way its syncopated clapping and open minimalistic rhythm create a landscape of sound that is almost visible. The explanatory instructive lyrics of warning wax clairvoyant. As I listen to the song today it provokes images in my mind as though it were the soundtrack to the dramatic bittersweet end to a film about love, struggle, and passion.

The song is powerful in many ways and was produced with excellence. I think Massive Attack is moving into ever more meaningful territory with this album, which I also felt with their release of 100th Window which has one of my favorite songs Small Time Shot Away.