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Top 10 or More Ways to Discover New Music

If you’re like me and you are crazy about music and you want to find new easy ways to look for new music yourself.  Here’s a list of great websites that I know of that can help.  And if you know of any other ways that aren’t listed here, please share them by adding your comments below.
A head above all the other free internet radio websites, has no advertising interruptions, you can listen to preset radio stations or create your own custom playlists, listen to any song as much as you want and search for new bands, instantly load everyone of a band’s songs to your playlist and rock out for free for hours on end. There’s no comparison. Too bad for Pandora and Slacker!

NPR’s Song of the Day
From the foundry of listener supported radio NPR holds its own with this regularly updates and eclectic mix of new and upcoming indie bands that you’ve probably never heard of but that just might knock your socks off.

Tumblr Tagged Music
Huge updating stream of music, find music you like by typing in the genre “indie music” in the SEARCH bar at the top right. You’ll find pages and pages of exactly what you’re listening for.
Is a great free online radio station, like Pandora, except they already have great radio stations preset so that you don’t have to take the time to build one yourself to find new artists.  They’ve done all the hard work for you.  The only down-side is that the ads that jump in between songs every 15 minutes or so get to be pretty repetitive and annoying. Surfing
YouTube does a pretty good job of showing related videos on the side bar. So do a YouTube search for a song you love, then surf the right sidebar and see what you find. Keep clicking on the sidebar videos and you’ll find tons of new artists you’ve never heard of.
Vimeo is HD music video heaven! Go to Vimeo, in the upper right corner type “Music Videos” in the search box, then before you click, select the “Search Channels” option. It will show you tons of channels of hand picked music playlists. At Vimeo the videos are so good, half the fun is watching amazing videos the other half is learning about the band whose song they used for the video. Here’s the link to “Music Videos” Channel on Vimeo.

Has an up to date list of new up and coming independent artists. And you can play tracks off their profile pages.
Like Slacker Radio
A very comprehensive and informative website where you can find tons of information about almost every band on the planet. Music Listeners Also Bought Feature
If you aren’t familiar with it yet,’s “Listener’s also Bought Feature” appears in the middle of the page of every music product on their website. Because Amazon has so many customers and a huge database full of purchase information from users, it’s a great way to find new bands that are similar to your tastes or similar to any specific band you can think of. Just go to a band’s album product page and scroll down to find similar artists that you might love.

Stumble Audio
Another great place to find new music
Pitchfork is all about introducing new music and songs to anyone who wants to know. It’s very comprehensive and has it’s finger on the pulse, fresh and easy.
A list of brand new tracks that have just been released and are making a buzz. Listen and download.

The Hype Machine
A smart site that looks at music blogs and tells you what being hyped.

Is an interesting site that charts music based on it’s energy and positivity and shows you music that matches your selection on the chart.

A music song file search engine.

MySpace’s music player software’s website

an interesting exploration of music, played as an interactive music adventure with big images of the artist and minimalistic navigation menus. It tells you about the artist as you listen.

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