photo of Dead And Divine - Chemical Valley live show

Dead and Divine know how to knock things over with their sound, like your consciousness, your mom’s expensive china, and a bunch of other things designated to rhinos and 5.0 earthquakes. Their heavy jilted relentless hard hitting blows leave just enough room for your adrenaline to squeeze through your arteries as you [insert the most exhilarating experience you can imagine]. Your life only happens once, you only have this one moment, what are you waiting for, what’s stopping you? Nothing but you! What do you want to do, line em up and take ’em one by one.

Broken down to its bloody bones, this song is about a guy who relentlessly keeps coming after a girl only to be shot down, or who had the girl for a brief time but has been bumped to the back of the long line of suitors again. They all want her, but he’s the only one killing for her chemical fix. Allow the metal to illustrate.

Maybe a lung, maybe a slew of tongues, maybe some old fashioned lonesome.
Really, its you who keeps dragging me back by my larynx and my lack of common sense.
Everyone has been dying to have you but I’ve been the only one killing for it.
Line ’em up, one by one.
Hell hath no waste like us.
Ain’t being empty fun?

Dead and Divine appear to be from Burlington, ON, CANADA but recently spent a lot of time in Portland Oregon recording their first full length album The Fanciful in 2007, then entered the Toronto based label Distort and produced The Machines We Are and in August this year their soon to be released album Antimacy